Covers accidental loss or damage to goods whilst in transit by rail, road or air.

Offers protection for professional persons/firms e.g. solicitors, accountants, doctors against loss or damage suffered by their clients as a result of professional negligence or bad advice.

Offers protection against loss of profits following loss or damage caused by any of the risks Covered under fire insurance.

Provides cover against loss sustained as a result of fraud or dishonest

Cover is provided against death or bodily injuries caused by violent , accidental, external and visible means .policy holder will receive benefits in case of death, permanent disablement and medical expenses incurred as a result of the accident.

Protects office content, office machinery, and documents against fire, explosion, floods, storm, riot, strike, malicious damage, impact damage to property(other than the firms owned property, or for which they are responsible).

Provides cover for plant and machinery on all risks basis except those excluded under the policy.

Provides for payment of compensation as required by statute at common law due to death/disablement to works, resulting from accidents occurring or industrial diseases contracted in course of and arising out of their employment.

Covers all risks of loss or damage to equipment used for business including accidental damage.

Covers loss of money on the premises and or in transit

Covers loss or damage to contents in the building as a result of theft following forcible and violent entry into or exit from premises.

Covers accidental breakage of internal or external lettering or ornaments.